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Bikes dance after crash

It started off as a fairly typical crash, a motorbike rider at Magny-Cours came off at a corner and his bike proceeded to unseat another racer...

After the two amateur riders, who were battling for the chance to break into international racing, had been unceremoniously thrown from their rides, the bikes came together.

The tangled bikes then began to twirl and spin on the track as though performing an elaborate Latin dance which would almost certainly have got them through the first few rounds of Dancing with the Stars.

As this happened, the dismounted racers were forced to helplessly watch their bikes' 'almost' sensual moves - though one, clearly exasperated, did make a wonderfully comedic attempt at stopping them.

When the bikes finally came to a standstill some 40 seconds after they began, marshals wheeled them from the track followed by the angry racers. And there wasn't one stumble.


Police Motorcycle Rodeo

It's embarrassing to admit that there are some here at Mas Macho who can't, um, drive. It's shocking to write that down, really. But as residents of the Big Apple, it just doesn't seem practical, y'know?

But still, despite all this, that doesn't stop us appreciate those humans out there in the big wide world who can drive, such as Grand Prairie TX police officer Donnie Williams.

His vehicle of choice is the motorbike – one of those Police Academy monsters – and as you can see from this video of him riding around the course, he is absolutely dynamite at the whole driving-a-bike-around-a-parking-lot-full-of-traffic-cones thing.

There aren't any jumps, and there aren't any explosions, but somehow this is genuinely entrancing. Just look at him go... we almost want to shout "Fake!" but it really is real. Hell, maybe we should ask him for driving lessons.