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Is 'Ultimate Tazer Ball' The Most Ludicrous Sport Of All Time? 

Think 'Ultimate Tazer Ball' is a pretty silly name for a sport? Just wait till you you see it in action.

Based on an idea from Leif Kellenberger, this extreme sport involves eight players, a 24-inch ball, a 200 x 85 foot rectangular playing field and eight tasers. That's right, tasers.

If you take a look at their website,, there's an extensive and detailed explanation of the rules, but the main thing is this: you can only tase people if you're holding the ball and in the special 'shock zone'.

Otherwise, it's a simple game of get-the-massive-ball-in-the-other-team's-goal - it just has that little bit of extra-added danger thanks to the chance of being attacked with an electroshock weapon.

If you're incredibly excited about seeing the sport live, why not head to Thailand for 3 March to see their Bangkok match. It's going to be... shocking. Sorry, we couldn't resist.


Base jumpers scare us half to death

With most of the action-spectacular x-treme sports videos we show you here, it's merely a case of clicking play and watching the magic happen.

But this time around, there's something about this clip that makes you really scared. As in, hands-shaking-forehead-sweating scared, and it's all thanks to Chris 'Douggs' McDougall and his base jumping buddies Carlos and Dario.

Jumping onto the outside of an exterior elevator, they slowly but surely make their way to the top of Benidorm's Gran Hotel Bali before leaping off and pulling their parachutes open. As professional daredevils, they all land safely -- but still, we promise you you'll get the jitters. You know, in a good way.