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Stop-Motion Ninja Fight Slays With Awesomeness


Who doesn't love ninjas? Here's a short stop-motion film about an old fashioned ninja duel by Oliver Trudeau.


Live-Action Simpsons Sex Tape

Just when you maybe allowed yourself to start thinking "The Simpsons" couldn't get any worse, somebody decided to up and make a live-action pornographic movie starring most of the town of Springfield.

Promising that we've "never seen sex this yellow" (apparently they don't know about our weird jaundice fetish), Full Spread Entertainment is releasing a live-action video of what happens when you take porn actors, smear them with yellow body paint, and tell them to pretend they're the cast of "The Simpsons." (WARNING: Link is to a "Simpsons"-porn site and is NSFW unless you work from home and there's no way your roommates will hear what you're doing in your room.)

On the one hand, gross. On the other hand, what happens to all that paint once it starts getting rubbed around? Can it possibly conceal the douche-y, tribal armband tattoos that seem to plague all male adult film actors?

Also, what role does Moe play in all this? Do we have to see Moe's naked body? If these questions are plaguing you as much as us, we've put the SFW version of the trailer after the jump.