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EyeHandy: the sexiest how-to video site on the internet

It's such a simple idea it's amazing it hasn't happened before, but here it is – the world's first how-to video site hosted by hot girls. It's called EyeHandy, and needless to say, it's not exactly suitable for work-based viewing.

Still, if you're not at work – or just don't give two hoots whether the boss can see you staring at women in bikinis of an afternoon – then we can safely say it's the best looking way to find out how to wax a snowboard or make a beer bong.


XXX Beer Can Chicken


The Food Dude whips up some delicious food porn.  Remember that phrase "What's up, chicken butt?"  That's gonna be the motto for this episode, because nothing says "yum" like roasted chicken with a beer can shoved up its ass.