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Ketchup Robot Fail

Humanity has accomplished plenty to be proud of: we landed on the moon, created the internal combustion engine and invented the cell phone. However, perfecting a condiment-dispensing robot has always been but a dream - our white whale, as it were.

Now, you might ask, "Do we really need a robot to shoot ketchup onto our hot dogs?" The answer is yes. Yes, we do. After watching this video of a ketchup-dispensing robot missing the mark we think you'll come around to the notion.


Genius Russian madmen create cocktail-making typewriter

That's right, it's a typewriter... but not as we know it. It can't stamp out a letter for you, but it can mix you a drink. A very weird, multi-coloured, word-based drink.

As you'll see from the video below, it's a complicated contraption -- all tubes and vials and buttons and such -- but it's an entrancing watch: seeing it get made as well as in action.

Essentially, the end result is a drink-making machine that allows you to "type" out a word and get a drink from it. Sure, you can't use the same letter twice, but hey -- it's a cocktail-making typewriter!