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Basketball Shot From Helicopter

It's often said that taller basketball players have more difficulty shooting from long range, but tell that to the team who sank a basket from a helicopter hovering 192 feet in the air.

Frankly, this just makes Shaq's free throw problems all the more inexcusable.

NBC's "Today" show reported on the footage, which the hosts said seems authentic because of the multiple angles shown.

Explaining the timing of the epic shot attempt, team member Rob Bliss tweeted, "Check out this world record 192 ft. basketball shot from a helicopter for #MarchMadness!"

While the team claims the shot set a world record, Michigan radio wonders, "where are the Guinness people and their clipboards?"


Human Mattress Domino World Record

Setting a world record is not something to take lying down -- especially when the record is for "human mattress dominoes."

But 850 people in New Orleans were willing to be "pushovers" in order to break the current record, set last year in Belgium.

The rules set by Guinness World Records for breaking the record are fairly stringent: Each person needs to touch the person behind them and there needs to be a consecutive chain of toppling mattresses.

Once the official pushed the first domino, the carefully-placed mattresses all fell in turn until the last fell on a red carpet. However, participants had to remain lying down until the record was confirmed. After that, the participants were allowed to jump for joy on their mattresses.

The record attempt was set up by La Quinta Inn & Suites, who wrangled 850 employees -- one for each hotel owned by the company -- and the mattresses were donated by the Simmons Bedding Company and will reportedly be donated to charity.