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fuwith.jpgA new reality TV show has been airing on MTV2 called the Final Fu where contestants are challenged to grow the most macho fu manchu beard possible.  The members of Mas Macho think that this is an outstanding display of manliness especially when coupled with a display of wonderful chest hair. Only if this was the real show could it be any better than the real Final Fu.

This kick ass new reality TV show features the best practitioners of various martial arts styles competing against one another in a series of powerful challenges and vicious head to head fights. The last fu standing will determine which martials arts style is the most macho.

"The Final Fu promotes the development of strong muscles, fast reactions and a voracious desire to be macho," says Master T-Bone of the Mas Judo School of Fighting. "Any program that promotes a confident and powerful man is something that I approve of."

The Final Fu premierd on MTV2 on  July 17th and is on weekdays at 7:30pm ET on MTV2 and 11pm ET on MTV. Even the women on the show are macho. We like to call them mucha muchachas!

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Viva la FU MAN MACHO! We desire more showes about facial hair, cigars and general machismo! Fidel Would be Proud.
July 19, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCristiano DeMacho

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