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Suicidal man saved after police give him a wedgie

´╗┐The wedgie has for a long time been the prank of choice for schoolyard bullies - but it was recently use das a life saving technique by the LAPD. Wait, what?

Officers had been called out to reports of a distraught man who was planning to kill himself by jumping off the 13th floor of an apartment building.

And when they got there, the man - who was upset about splitting up with his girlfriend - was still standing on the ledge and threatening to throw himself onto the ground below.

After talking to him for a couple of minutes, officers made their move and swiftly grabbed the would-be jumper, who ended up dangling over the side of the building, as this video shows.

When he then proceeded to bite the cops, their grip slipped and one officer ended up clinging onto his underwear to prevent him from falling... and right there the life-saving wedgie was born.

The cops eventually managed to handcuff the man to a railing, meaning that even if he did get free, the worst that would happen was that he'd end up with one arm longer than the other.

Firefighters soon arrived at the scene and cut the railings to remove the man who was taken to hospital... probably to have his underwear surgically removed. Something tells us this display isn't going to help the dude win his girlfriend back...


Website Teaches CPR the Sexy Way

Thanks to Super Sexy CPR, there's no reason to ever again let a random victim pass from this life to the next.

That's because the makers of the video, which appears to be a viral marketing campaign for Fortnight Lingerie, hired two eyeball-exploding lingerie models to explain how to properly perform life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

One EMS worker who saw this demonstration of chest compressions was deeply moved.

"This instructional video is pretty spot-on," he said. "Now, please excuse me while I use a defibrillator on myself to snap back to reality."

They promise a sequel on June 1 entitled Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts. You bring the popcorn, we'll bring the pretzels ... to choke on. Keep reading to see the video.