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« El Vengador Speaks About Bank ATMs »

atm machine bank fees chase citibank finance fdic.jogNext, I, El Vengador de Los Machos, would like to address the banking industry. It is not at all Macho that banks charge at least $2 to use another bank's ATM. If I want to take out money to spend on expensive liquor, Cuban cigars and loose women, why should I have to pay an extra fee? In truth, each and every bank should waive this fee, no wait, they should give me an extra wad of cash so that I, and my Macho brothers, may continue to spread the Macho gospel across this land.

So the next time you go to your bank, walk right up to the not-Macho teller and tell them you want some extra money. Be confident and strong and tell them you mean business. Tell them El Vengador sent you.

Until next time, stand up straight and take no crap.  Viva Los Machos!

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