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« Bocca's Rant: Starbucks Drinkers Suck! »

ugly starbucks bitches coffee hand travelblog rachel stripper.jpg WHY DO PEOPLE ENTER MY RESTAURANT WITH STARBUCKS COFFEE AND EXPECT ME NOT TO SAY SOMETHING TO THEM??!?!

What? I dont pay rent!!! Do they think I woke up this morning and said yyyyyeeeeeesssssss let ME make room for these starbucks drinking assholes to sit at MY tables, order food and have ME loose out on making $$$$$ from one of the most profitable items known to man. The coffee here at MY restaurants is fantastic, 3 restaurants later I think someone would have said something to ME if it wasn't!

And have you ever noticed how stupid these people look walking and holding their starbucks in front of them like it is their seeing eye dog or a few singles for the stripper? I say knock it out of their hand and send those ugly bitches back to the ugly land they came from!

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