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tony chachere seasoningCreole is the food of the city of New Orleans and its root are found in the chest hair of sweaty Louisiana men. It traditionally uses the butter available to the wealthy Creoles, more expensive ingredients and the flavors of Tony Chachere's seasoning. Go ahead and spread some Chachere in your chest hair and catch the flavorful sweat in your next dish!

Creole cooking uses the “Holy Trinity” of New Orleans cooking: green peppers, onions and celery. It also relies on the roux (pronounced ‘Roo) as the base of the dish. A Roux is simply flour cooked in fat, either pork fat or butter, until it browns. This adds flavor and thickness to the dish.

According to Tony Chachere, the cooking isn't finished till it is seasoned. "I tell everyone they ain't cooking it up right until they rub the seasoning in and let it swill around."

fat chef.jpgFat creole chefs attest to the power of the seasoning and use it by the bucket full. Just try to wrestle away the seasoning from this Chef Butler, he will eat your hand off. But fear not macho men, you can buy your own at the Tony Chachere online store. Buy some for your woman and have her cook you up something nice, while she is wearing her best lingerie.


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