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macho man randy savageThe "Macho Man" Randy Savage, best known for his performances in the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, is attempting to make a comeback in the wrestling world. But let us make this clear, the Macho Man is an un-macho as can be!

Savage was born Randall Mario Poffo in Columbus, Ohio in 1952. Randall? Columbus? And from right there the sad tale of the Poffo, that wanted to be macho, begins.

A macho man does not wear fruity clothes, a glittery crown and big belt. A macho man's hair is strong and full like a lion's mane, not the wiry and thinning hair of Savage.

Macho men and admiring woman of the not be mislead by a macho label. Just because someone calls themselves macho, does not mean that they are.

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