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Would you chill out with some lions on top of a car?

Meet Shimon Levi and his feline friends, Sky, Kyla, Lowu and Angie. As you can see from the video above, they like chilling out on top of a zebra-colored car from time to time. So that's nice.

Despite having this video uploaded onto YouTube, Shimon here is pretty shy about who he is and what he does for a living - though we're guessing he's an animal handler. Hell, we hope he's an animal handler.

That, or he's some sort of lion whisperer. And if that is the case, Mr. Levi, fair play to you, because we're seriously damn impressed.




Because independent of one another sex and bacon both lack sizzle, the swine scholars behind Bacon Salt (and Baconnaise, and Bacon Ranch, and bacon-flavored Mmmvelopes...) have done gone and added some pork to your porking with Baconlube: a "delicious massage oil and personal lubricant" here to end "horrifying bedroom experiments with bacon grease", ostensibly by substituting them with horrifying bedroom experiments with bacon-scented personal lubricant! Of course, having a bottle of slippery, bacony goodness handy is never a bad idea outside of the bedroom.

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