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ronny brasco pimples macho boy guidoThese stories of Horrible Holiday Handouts are not only terrible but constant reminders that we live in a world where the macho man is hunted and all attempts are made to feminize him. Here is the latest one from Ronny Brasco who lives in Long Island, New York.

Ronny's girlfriend bought him a facial at a local posh spa for Christmas. "You know I heard that only them metrosexual types go and get those facials," says Ronny, "I didn't think much harm would come from it." This is where he was very wrong.

In fact most macho men may not even realize that they may be allergic to the cleaners and lotions incorporated into a salon facial.  As a guide, I would like to propose that every macho man stritly avoid anything that involves words like exfoliation, enzymes, natural papaya, deep pore, clay mask, moisturize, seawater catalysts, potassium, algae, sea salt and minerals.

Don't be like Ronny Brasco and venture into areas only fit for the effeminate and sissy. Be strong, be proud, be macho!

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I Personally know Ronny Basco and i must tellu this artice completey illustartes his femine side to a tee!
July 26, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJustin

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