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angry man bob goatee glasses train platformEvery holiday season macho men are made to suffer from humiliating and feminizing gifts from their liberated women, Horrible Holiday Handouts!  Bob (sic) received just such a gift for christmas, the dreaded elliptical machine of emasculation.

"I recognized it right away without even having to unwrap it", said a very angry Bob. "I didn't want to believe that she bought me an elliptical, shes the one with the fat ass!"

Bob tried out the machine only to confirm the campfire horror tales he had heard about such a torture devic - his ass hurt. "It made me feel like a sissy boy. I was so ashamed."

Bob contacted Mas Macho to have the machine promptly removed and replaced with an 8ft brass pole with reinforced floor and ceiling mounts for his girlfriend to dance on. Now shes can work off her fat ass while Bob enjoys a cold beer. 

Let your woman work the brass pole before she can work your pole. That's the macho way!

Reader Comments (1)

Should have bought Bob a six pack of Amstel LIGHT instead!
January 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMQuan

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