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grigori perelemanMathematics is macho. When you can say something about the nature of objects in the universe by using intangible numbers only and everyone takes it as truth, that is machismo. Dr. Grigori Perelman is the next mathematician to join the ranks of macho for solving the Poincaré conjecture and receiving the prestigious Fields medal from the International Congress of Mathematics.  Honor him macho men!

"I am so very happy to receive this medal," said Dr. Perelman on receiving the news. "No longer will people have to talk about some limp wristed French polymath, now they will talk about me!"

The reclusive and very manly smelling Dr. Perelman, refused to attend the ceremony. "I heard that they would not be serving vodka, that is a shame."

Along with the medal, the Clay Mathematics Institute  presented Dr. Perelman with an award of $1M in prize money. Dr. Perelman donated the money to Mas Macho to start a scholarship fund to develop macho mathematics.

"With this scholarship, I hope that we can continue to promote machismo in mathematics," proclaimed the impassioned Dr. Perelman.

Click here to learn about the former Poincaré conjecture.  Good luck understanding it if you are not macho.

Reader Comments (1)

Mr. Perelman's next big project should be finding a solution to one of the most intricate problems of facial properties that has baffled cosmetologists for centuries- How to remove excess facial hair like Mr. Perelman's? Very macho if he finds the solution!
September 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle Q.

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