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Ricky Del Man, Larry King, Don Shula and Paulito Cebolla show their support for macho children. Click to enlarge.
Macho men and their adoring fans gathered last night in New York City at the annual fundraiser for the Shula and King Foundation for Macho Children. The night was marked by great entertainment, fantastic food and macho men from around the world. Mas Machi Chairman, Paulito Cebolla, and Board Member, Ricky Del Man, were in attendance representing the godfather of worldwide macho organizations, Mas Macho.

Larry King, the award winning host of Larry King Live on CNN, and Don Shula, best known as the winningest coach in Nation Footbal League history, formed their foundation in 2001 to assist in the development and support of macho children in the United States.

"Being born macho, I came to understand that this new world we live in does not support the needs of the macho child," explains Shula. "A macho child needs to be identified and developed as early as possible to make sure that his machismo has the time it needs to develop properly."

King, a late macho bloomer by his own accounts, recounts a story from his youth that is very inspirational to him. "I was bullied in school and instead of being encouraged to defend myself and even pre-emptively attack my aggressor, I was toldto flee. May we one day rid the world of such unmacho discourse."

During his opening remarks, Paulito Cebolla encouraged the audience to continue to spread the strong and confident macho words, while on-stage Ricky del Man performed an awe inspiring  avante garde dance with none other than Mimi Monica Wong. Unfortuantely no cameras were allowed to film the performance since the trial involving Ms. Wong is ongoing.

The evening raised $750,000 for the Shula and King Foundation for Macho Children and set a record for one evening of fundraising for children.



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