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« Attention Women: Lifting Weights Slim Down Your Belly »

swimsuit.jpgIf you want to make a woman unappealing to a macho man, add some fat in her midsection. Tummy fat is the scourge of female sexiness. A new study reported by LiveScience shows that by just lifting weights twice a week for an hour, women can battle the buildup of tummy fat. And they don't even need to diet but Mas Macho recommends they do anyway...or else.

The intra-abdominal fat study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and was presented at an American Heart Association conference in Phoenix to the delight of macho men around the world.

“One of the most common complaints in women, especially as we continue to age, especially as we go through menopause, the No. 1 complaint is abdominal growth,'' said Dr. Tracy Stevens, a cardiologist who directs the women's heart center at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City.

Women who do weight-training for two years may have only a 7 percent increase in intra-abdominal fat, compared to a 21 percent increase in a group given exercise advice only. Using both free weights and machines, the women in the strength-training group worked out for about an hour and were encouraged to gradually increase the weights they lifted.

kathrynschmitz.jpg“I think we need to provide people with multiple possibilities, multiple roads to the same end. If this is what you're willing to do, I'll tell you what you can get out of it,'' said the lead author of the study, Kathryn Schmitz, an epidemiologist at the school of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. .

Schmitz advises women to focus on the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, lower back, buttocks and thighs. She notes that adding muscle mass can help overweight women move faster so they burn more calories.

And since burning calories leads to a tight body, the more a woman can do the better. Men should remember that they are part of this fat fighting process. Men are advised to take excess food out of their woman's mouth and make their woman get up to get them a beer to benefit from the aerobic exercise. It is good for your woman.

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