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Augusto on his boat with The Ladies of Love. Click to enlarge.
With Fidel potentially on the way out, and Raul "La China" Castro in control of Cuba, one macho man is preparing to set sail for Cuba. Being one of the singers of Aguardiente is what makes Augusto de Madrid the most well known Cuban after Fidel himself and the most loved. Now Augusto has boarded his boat in Miami with his lovely crew, The Ladies of Love, and all are ready to bring his manliness back to the people of Cuba.

Molded in the form of an ancient god, Augusto loves his native Cuba and feels it is his duty to relieve the Cubans of their oppression and depression. "I am ready to save my people. When they see my boat coming with me on the bow surrounded by my ladies, the people will know the time is right to rise up," exclaims the joyful Augusto.

Even Cuban dissident Vladimiro Roca, a former fighter pilot under Castro's command before breaking with the government, believes the time is right for Augusto to return, " I believe in him", says Roca, "he is the one we have been waiting for. I hope he brings some food with him."

The biggest challenge for Augusto will be the Cuban military which is currently very much in support of the Castro regime. The military controls a good share of Cuba's tourism, electronics imports and foreign currency reserves, with the defense minister as much entrepreneur as soldier.

"I am not afraid of the military for they are some of the biggest Aguardiente fans ever," says a confident Augusto. "I have spoken to my Cuban insiders and now that the last Aguardiente single 'Mas Cubanoso (More Cuban)' has hit number 1, everybody loves me!" And so should you!

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