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« Fake Breasts Futile Attempt to Tame Man! »

showerbreasts_right_500_7858.jpgHere is yet additional proof of the grand conspiracy to tame men - fake breasts for your shower. Instead of grabbing the real thing, a man is expected to grab onto these rubber fascimiles and be soothed. Grab the real thing man! Don't settle for anyting less.

As you fondle these soft melons, they squirt shower gel and shampoo at you. Yet another hidden agenda, an incentive for you to wash yourself more freuqnetly with some fragrant metrosexual designer cleaning product - removing all traces of your natural manly odors.

Resist my fellow macho men! Resist the lure of these rubber mammary replacements. You have the right to grab a real handful of breast anytime you like! And remember the bigger the handful, the better!


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