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« World Cup 2006 Final: Macho Men vs. Limp Frogs »

fabio.jpgSo it has been decided. On Sunday, July 9th, the title of best soccer county in the world in 2006 will be decided in Berlin, Germany between Italy and France.

The Italians, known as the Azzuri, are men. Simply put. You have names like Gianluca, Alessandro, Mauro, Francesco, Luca and, of course, Fabio. These are the names of macho men. Their opponents, France, have names like Lillian, Willie and Claude. Those are the names of wimpy men that are easily feminized.

alessandro.jpgFor more evidence of Italian macho news, take the quote from Fabio Cannavaro, "And now we have to win at any cost." That is a statement made only by a macho man that has been a dominant presence in every game in Germany and it has inspired his fellow Italian players.

From the French side their quote when something like this, "Le plu ma blu pu pu wee wee no se bu le pew."  From that statement alone it is obvious that the French are not macho.

The 2006 World Cup will be won by mas macho men, the Italians.

Reader Comments (2)

true story. fabio is the most macho man-name in the universe. i heard all frogs are female at birth.
July 6, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterNina
Tu es stupid, et les françaises est vraiment, commme les stupids americains disent, "macho". Vous n'êtes pas les hommes "macho". Vous êtes les salopes.
July 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJean Pierre

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