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« Slugfest: Lopedog and Paulito in a fight! »

Lopedog throws the first punch.
Mas Macho co-founder Paulito Cebolla and Auguardiente man-band-mate Perod "Lopedog" Lope were seen fighting it out in an exclusive New York City restaurant. The exact reason for the fight is still unclear but sources report the fights origins began with the Zidane headbutt of controversy.

"Every now and then you have to refresh your macho with some strong physical activity and Zidane has shown us the way," declared Paulito. "Don't you feel good when you make a fist?"

Though it would seem that Lopedog threw the first punch, both men were very polite and traded an equal number of blows to head and body.

Body blow, body blow.
"Paulito is like my brother but he also makes a good punching bag. It felt good to land a right on his chin," smiled Lopedog. "What we wanted to do was also to put on an exhibition to the weaker men who were there. Sort of a mas macho recruitment if you will."

The restaurant owner, Jacques Santini, was so happy for the occassion that he brought each man in the restaurant a complimentary New York Strip steak, cooked to perfection.

"It is not everyday that two of the most recognized macho men in the world do battle in your restaurant. Macho fans will be coming here for the next few years to witness the exact spot they fought." Added Santini, "I am honored."


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