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Basketball Shot From Helicopter

It's often said that taller basketball players have more difficulty shooting from long range, but tell that to the team who sank a basket from a helicopter hovering 192 feet in the air.

Frankly, this just makes Shaq's free throw problems all the more inexcusable.

NBC's "Today" show reported on the footage, which the hosts said seems authentic because of the multiple angles shown.

Explaining the timing of the epic shot attempt, team member Rob Bliss tweeted, "Check out this world record 192 ft. basketball shot from a helicopter for #MarchMadness!"

While the team claims the shot set a world record, Michigan radio wonders, "where are the Guinness people and their clipboards?"


Want to watch a lake explode?

Now whether this is real or not is still up for debate. Whether this is awesome or not is not up for debate, because it really is awesome, and that's just the way it is. All videos of laSportskes exploding are, alas. Them's the rules.

Thing is, it does beg some questions: Why did someone set up a bomb in a lake? We don't know. Why did someone record it? We also don't know. Is this better than that video where a bottle of Coke and Mentos flies into the camera? Well, that's a matter of a opinion.