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Extreme tricycle racing

Trikes get a bad rep. Traditionally the mode of transport most associated with toddlers, they've also been marred in the adult world by Reliant Robins and Trotters Independent Traders.

Today, however, they're getting their chance to shine -- all thanks to that much loved maniac Devin Graham.

Hurtling himself (and some tricycles) down Powder Mountain in Utah, the video we have for you is everything you ever wanted to do when you were a kid, but were do afraid to try -- and we don't say that lightly...


The Coilgun Makes the Rubber-Band Gun Look Like a Kid's Toy

Yesterday we introduced you to the rubber-band machine gun of your slightly disturbed dreams. Today, we've got a 1.25 kilojoule coilgun, a homemade electromagnetic pulse accelerator that makes the rubber-band machine gun look like a tiny, shiny peashooter.

The video below explains (in worrying detail) exactly how it works. In layman's terms, it acts as a battery-powered rifle that uses a series of electromagnetized coils to propel bullets at alarming speeds.

The weapon was made over two years by the bizarrely nicknamed "Larsplatoon." Though this is an incredible technical accomplishment, it does tread a very thin line between "Good God, that is awesome" and "If he gets too good at this, I'm going to get a bit worried."

The demonstration of the fearsome microwave-destroying machine kicks off at the 2:50 mark in the video below, at which point your nerdgasms should be coming on thick and fast. Oh, and just in case it wasn't patently obvious: Please, please, please, don't try this at home. To be honest, we're not sure Larsplatoon should be trying this at its home either.