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Chugging Ranch Dressing

What would you do for $300 and a year's supply of sandwiches? Chug vast quantities of salad dressing... on camera? These guys would -- and did.

It was all for a competition hosted by a subway-style sandwich shop in Oregon . Called "Cheba Hut", it's primarily weed-themed, with sarnies boasting names like "The Shwag," "The Chronic" and "The White Widow". Of course.


Macho Salad

From the Swedish film 'Farsan'


Woman: What is it?

Man: What do you mean what is it? What is it yourself?

Woman: What the hell are you doing?

Man: What the hell are you doing yourself?.. tsss... you! *Humps the chair*

Woman; What the hell are you doing? Stop it... stop it and make salad instead!

Man: Okay.. heh! Tomatoes... Huh, salad?! ....... Here, help yourself..... Macho salad!