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The microwave that can tweet, text and play YouTube videos

Most people want their microwave to do just a couple of things. One, cook your food; two, tell you the time; three, defrost things - but even then that's not a dealbreaker if it doesn't.

The "μWave" - which you pronounce "micro-wave", "mu-wave", or "u-wave" - offers all that and more, with the added "apps" of Twitter and YouTube installed too.

Created by super-students Will Whitney, Kevin Conley, Ben Shyong, Varun Sampath and Teddy Zhang, it took only 40 hours to build, producing a household appliance that'll cleverly play a YouTube clip of the exact same length that you want your food cooked. Genius!

Plus, if you want it to, it'll text you when your food is done - that is, if you don't fancy watching any dogs on skateboards or the like whilst your food spins round and round. In other words, we'll take four.