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Call that a flamethrower trombone? This is a flamethrower trombone! 

Earlier, we brought you a video clip of a man who'd hooked up his trombone to also act like a flamethrower. Sure, it was pretty pointless, and yet at the same time, it was also quite impressive too – you know, in a pyromaniac's delight sort-of-way.

Now we've discovered an even more ludicrous trombone flamethrower. One that shoots jets of fire out over 21 feet at maximum range, and, you know, makes a trombone-like noise.

And though we admire their ingenuity – and their desire to one up other people on the internet – we can't help but wonder about the possibility of the gas tank beside the player's head catching on fire and everything getting very grim, very fast.

That and someone accidentally taking it along to band practice and frying the back of someone else's head.

In other words, what we're trying to say is this: don't try this at home. Watch it at home, sure, send it to your friends, absolutely, but as for making one yourself? Best leave it to the professionals. Or these guys, at any rate.