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The Ultimate Fighter - best under-rated reality competition program

It’s the same concept as American Idol — people battling it out to see who’s best. But in this case, if you lose, instead of getting a tongue-lashing from Simon Cowell, you get your nose broken or you get knocked unconscious. I mean, those guys have some serious stones. The mixed martial arts fighting takes incredible skill. Hell yeah, I like mixed martial arts — now you know. 


Nordic Thunder 2011 US Air Guitar Finals Champion!!! 

It has taken nine years for America to recover from the shock of competitive air guitar.  Now, as US Air Guitar enters its second decade, the story of competitive air guitar is no longer that it exists, but rather how each individual contender uniquely excels at his craft and how it advances the sport itself.

Saturday night twenty-two uniquely excellent competitors from across the country descended upon Chicago for a sold-out show at the historic Metro.  From the hip streets of New York to the dusty pueblos bordering El Paso, TX; from the shores of San Diego to the heights of Denver, they came here to answer one question: who is the finest professional air guitarist in America, and who will represent the stars and stripes against two dozen other countries at the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland?

After our 10-week search across the country, America roaringly answered that question: NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard).  Nordic Thunder was clad in presumably unwashable viking leather chain mail and smelled like six metal bands sharing an RV.  After entering the compulsory round at the top of the heap, Nordic sealed the deal with his signature Power Slide, leaving two long tracks of blood wherever his bare knees took him.