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Sexy Bar Refaeli topless in Italian GQ

We love Leonardo DiCaprio. He's a great actor, a great guy, and the man behind one of the best memes in like, forever. We also hate Leonardo DiCaprio, because he stole Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli from us. Fortunately, she's a model, and like most models, she sometimes appears in magazines. And in this case, topless. Huzzah!

It's all thanks to those lovely people over at GQ Italia, who came up with the idea of doing a 'military issue', then followed it up by asking Bar round for a topless photoshoot where she dressed up as a soldier. Lovely stuff.

The magazine no doubt boasts some very well-written and researched features, reviews and all that malarkey, but all we're really interested in is Bar. Sorry Sean Penn, sorry Woody Allen, you're both lovely people but not as lovely as Bar.

It's ironic that she's dressed up as a grunt, though – just remember that she married someone when she was 17 to avoid getting drafted, then a little while later divorced him.

"I don't regret not enlisting, because it paid off big time," she's said. "That's just the way it is, celebrities have other needs. I hope my case has influenced the army."

You've certainly influenced GQ Italia Bar, and to be honest, that's all that really matters by us. Check out a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.


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