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A Y chromosome might make you a man, but it takes a more than genes to be manly.

You Will Need

  • Tools
  • Gym
  • Literature and films
  • Self-defense
  • Emotional stability
  • Courage
  • Extreme conditions (optional)
How to Be a Manly Man: Get the job done

Step 1: Get the job done

Identify tasks that need to get done. Use the appropriate tools for every job you take on.

Remember: a manly man’s hands and brain are often his most effective tools.

How to Be a Manly Man: Build your body

Step 2: Build your body

Hit the gym regularly — a manly man’s body should be fit for any task. Learn to play all major manly sports — few things are as unmanly as a girly run, throw, or kick.

To make your workouts more manly, train in extreme conditions.

How to Be a Manly Man: Study up

Step 3: Study up

Study up — read classic manly literature and watch manly movies to find out how to master your desires, lead other people, and achieve your manly goals.

How to Be a Manly Man: Be a rock

Step 4: Be a rock

In an emotional situation? Be a source of stability for those around you. Push your feelings aside until you’re alone and can display your emotions with manly dignity.

How to Be a Manly Man: Have some respect

Step 5: Have some respect

Show respect to people who treat you with honor and stand up to those who don’t. Have the courage to fight for justice — a manly man knows he’s responsible for defending others, no matter the personal cost.

The motto on Maryland’s state seal, translated from Italian, is “Manly deeds, womanly words.”

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