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Now we know this makes us ignorant old fools, but until this morning, we had no idea what a "stick bomb" was. We knew what a "sticky bomb" was, sure -- we've played too much Medal Of Honor, you see -- but "stick bombs"? Not so much.

Today we discovered that they are, in essence, the domino's bigger, badder, much more impressive cousin. Also, they kind of explode.

Created by carefully weaving together little sticks, usually tounge depressors -- they're also known as "Chinese stick puzzles" and "frame bombs" -- if you remove just one stick from a frame, the rest of them will jump up into the air with a surprising amount of force.

Below we've got one of the most impressive homemade stick bomb set-ups out there on the internet, purportedly using over 1000 sticks in total. Anyone with easily distracted kids should take note: you've got a brand new distraction technique to look forward to.

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