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sgt savage burlesque corsette peach tartes womanA new generation is determined to bring burlesque back and Mas Macho is lending it support.  Today's new Burlesque has taken many forms and the form we like the best is a group called The Peach Tartes. These six outstanding ladies have all the ingredients - lush striptease, expressive costumes, bawdy humor, cabaret and more. Our favorite is Sgt. Savage (pictured) with Veruca Honeyscotch a close second!

Here are a few fan testimonials:

  • You could hear me howling like an idiot from the bar! - Det. John McWarren
  • Show me your tits! - Johnny Mounaki
  • Great show tonight, the parts I could see at least, you ladies packed that place tight! - Lucy Buttons
  • It was a chocha-palooza fest! - Perod "Lopedog" Lope

We strongly recommend you support your local burlesque movement with your money and your manliness.

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