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macho lucinda broadbent terrorist documentary filmMACHO, a documentary film by feminist Lucinda Broadbent, provides an overly glamorous profile of a group called Men Against Violence and its terrorist activities in its attempt towards eliminating machismo in Nicaragua and Latin America. This horrific and terrifying film is pure feminist propaganda.

This documentary offers a disturbing glimpse at the methods used by Men Against Violence to discuss their jealousy of macho men with power and their misrepresentation of the joy it can bring families and communities.

"I strongly believe that this is the most destructive film ever which attempts to challenge commonly accepted truisms about the benefits of machismo and its continued foundation in the Latino culture," professes Herman "Pepe" Cathedral, Mas Macho Board Member and active Latino community leader. "I can not even begin to sum up how irresponsible this film is. It should simply be banned and shoved into the filmmakers fat culo!"

In the end, MACHO tries to glamorize the anti-macho terrorism that is a worldwide epidemic which needs to be addressed by all men in every country. During an age when terrorism accountability for thousands of deaths, this film is in terrible taste and highly inappropriate.

Reader Comments (1)

New update- Ms. Lucinda Broadbent is no longer part of the Association Against Violence (AAV)as she has weakened the effort of the association with her futile documentary about men against violence. These men have only brought the campaign to a stagnation. This inflammatory issue is best if spear-headed by a strong female figure to help other subjugated females reclaim control of their independence and power.
November 16, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterProgram Director M.Quan

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