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macho man hair smoking chestSome men have a difficult time projecting a macho and masculine image for many reasons. Here is Part Dos of the compellieng and powerful first ever guide to looking macho and masculine. Carry on macho man!


Confidence is the number one staple of a macho man. Never put yourself down or talk about your weaknesses when you are trying to be macho. Be bold and sure of yourself. Freely cross the line from confidence into arrogance.

You should frequently put other people down because when you do that, you just seem powerful and secure. Be optimistic and positive about yourself – your talents, your appearance, and your masculinity. Don’t be afraid to approach women, for example. Just reach out and smack her ass. She will love it. Be sure of yourself, and others will believe in you and want to get to know you.


Macho men aren’t afraid to speak their mind. If you have something to add to a conversation, don’t hesitate to interject a point. If you want to get a promotion, then perform well and be assertive enough to approach your boss about your ambitions.

If you want to ask a woman out, don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from picking up your cell phone. You have to be the creator of your own destiny. A macho destiny. Masculine men know how important it is to take the bull by the horns just like their woman by the hair.

We hope that you have found this guide helpful and informative. Write us and let us know. Be proud, be loud, and forever be macho.

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