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Mas Macho Band San DiegoQue? What are you talking about, you ask? I will tell you. There is a band called "Mas Macho" based in the effeminate city of San Diego. After listening to a few of their songs, the Mas Macho board members have decided that the band "Mas Macho" is simply not very macho. According to Perod Lope of the real Mas Macho, "We think their music is crap but I would gladly allow their female singer Brittney to pleasure me!"  

"Mas Macho" was formed in 2000 by sissy guitarist Dan Kuhlken and pansy bassist Nat Evatt. After taking guitar and bass lessons together for several years because they really needed it, Dan and Nat decided that they should expand their musical horizons and form a band.

One day, the soft Nat heard a loud, melodic voice coming from a car in the parking lot. Instead of looking to tame the female as macho man would, Nat wimpily approached Brittney Stinner and submissively asked if she would be so kind as to be the lead vocalist of his band. This kind of behavior is what this feminized society approves of. Macho men of the world are disgraced.

Perod Lope approves of Brittney.
If you are a macho man lucky enough to be in San Diego, California when the band "Mas Macho" is performing, please do the world a favor and unplug their equipment before they play. All you will need to do is growl at the male members of the band and they will cry to their mommys. Approach the lovely Brittney in a manly fashion and remind her that she has nice breasts.

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You're a f&cking moron!
July 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterYrAmoron
what a stupid f*cking article for a stupid f*cking website!
July 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMasloser

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