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The Laziest Jedi In The Galaxy 

Watching the Star Wars trilogy - no of course Episodes I-III don't count - you don't really get the chance to think about the daily practicalities of being a Jedi.

How does laundry work? Do Jedis brush up dust on the floor with their minds? Do you toast your bread by slicing through a fresh loaf with your light saber?

YouTubers Warialasky seek to answer a couple of those queries with this lovely little video about the world's laziest Jedi. Waking up with what appears to be a hangover the size of a black hole, he stumbles about his apartment, Forcing things into walls, falling over a lot and generally being an idiot. An idiot who possesses midi-chlorians.


Child Bodybuilder Does Push Ups On Glass Bottles

Giuliano Stroe isn't your average 7-year-old boy. After, all how many kids of his age boast two Guinness world records? Not many, we're guessing.

Intermittently in the news for a while now, Romanian child bodybuilder Stroe is the current holder of the 'fastest ever ten meter hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs' world record and the most 'air push-ups' title too - making him, officially, fitter than you.

His latest attention-grabbing stunt comes in the form of this YouTube video, which shows the Schwarzenegger-in-the-making performing a number of push-ups while pressing down on four green glass bottles.

Why does he do this? Only he and his father Iulian know.

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