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Hot models demonstrate breaking the guard

The  KnockoutFit Girls are a bunch of sexy models committed to proving that when you subtract the shirtless dudes and add some girl-on-girl wrasslin', MMA fighting can be hot.

With one-liners like "slide it right between her butt crack" and the instructions about putting your hand on her hip to keep her from wiggling around, you'd be forgiven for wondering if this is straight-up porn,  but the girls never get out of those sneakers and ugly sweatpants.

Our favorite part of this video (which is part of a larger series) is when the girl on top keeps humping the girl on her back, as if that has anything to do with MMA fighting. (Well, you never know what goes on in those locker rooms.)

This will have you quitting your Crunch membership and taking off for wherever the hell this is.


Models in Lingerie Bouncing on Balls ... to Sell Car Insurance

Advertisers aren't stupid. OK, some of them are, but most of them know what helps things get sold: pretty girls. Preferably pretty girls wearing not that much, as seen in this recent viral hit from Romania, featuring models on bouncy balls selling (obviously) Asirom Mandatory car insurance.

You can imagine the ad execs at their round-table meeting now ...

It's total nonsense, utterly ludicrous, and has ladies in their underwear. Could you ask for more? As for the sexy words on the sexy advertisement, we bet you're wondering what they mean, eh?

"In case of an accident: get out of the car / and inspect the damage / ask the guilty driver for an RCA insurance policy / fill in the friendly ascertainment form / if you can't reach an agreement, a police officer can settle your dispute / always buy RCA insurance."

Hmm. Disappointing. Still, you can check out the video below, so it's all good.

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