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XXX Beer Can Chicken


The Food Dude whips up some delicious food porn.  Remember that phrase "What's up, chicken butt?"  That's gonna be the motto for this episode, because nothing says "yum" like roasted chicken with a beer can shoved up its ass.


Drop Everything and Get Yourself Some Deep-Fried Beer

Scotland might have its infamous deep-fried Mars bar, but that treat's now got some serious competition. Mixing together two of mankind's favorite things (deep-fried stuff and alcohol), one inventive Texan has discovered a means of deep-frying beer. And it apparently requires ravioli.

Unveiled at Texas's famous deep-fried-food convention, inventor Mark Zable has said that his process of taking ravioli packets, filling them with Guinness, then quickly dunking them in hot oil (370 degrees for 20 seconds, in case you were wondering) took him three years to perfect. And the results are, well, peculiar.

When bitten into, the beer and fatty pasta combine to cause what is undoubtedly referred to as "a taste sensation." Whether it's a good one remains a matter of personal opinion and relies on your heart being strong enough to withstand the mighty force of the deep-fried beer grenade.

The brand-new foodstuff has already been labeled as an alcoholic product, requiring deep-fried-food-loving Texans to be over 21 to gobble one down. They will soon be on sale for $5 per 5 pieces. Also, before you get too excited, the process has already been patented and the words "deep-fried beer" copyrighted by that industrious Mr. Zable.

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