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Sensodyne Can Possibly Keep Your Balls From Turning Blue

Sensitive teeth can be a huge problem, especially in the middle of a date.

Take this scenario for instance: You're rubbing down your special lady friend with an ice cube. You finally get to her lips. Everything about this situation says that you're getting lucky tonight. That is, until you ruin the moment by touching her sensitive teeth with the ice cube.

Just ask the guy from the Sensodyne commercial. It's not the most pleasant situation ...


Grab Your Forks -- It's the World Testicle Cooking Championship

Ever heard of The World Testicle Cooking Championship? It's Serbia's most popular testicle-cooking (and consuming) festival, now in its seventh year. Those crazy Serbs cook up and gobble down buckets of bulls' testicles, a chewy treat that allegedly brings virility and testosterone rushing back into your life.

But these precious animal organs aren't just boiled in a pot and piled into a bowl. Over in Serbia, testicle-cooking is a true art, as they're used in goulashes, moussakas, even pizzas -- and washed down with copious amounts of wine or beer. Keep reading for more pictures and video footage.

Come on down to the village of Ozrem, near Belgrade, and you can try some bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo testicles. (What do you mean, no?)