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fonzi happy days joni macho man leather jacketAttention Uptight and Prudish Feminists: Scientists have found that the benefits of sex go beyond simply satisfying the goal of procreation.  Having sex is an easy way to reduce stress, lower cholesterol and improve circulation throughout the body and the more macho the male, the stronger the effects.  These effects are for both the male and the female.

"I have definitely always known that sex is good for you," says Ricky Del Man, macho dancer extraordinaire. "And sex with a macho man is even better...or so my female friends have told me." Read advice for macho men in Ask Ricky!

Given the high levels of testosterone in the macho male, they are much more attractive to females and produce a much more satisfying sexual experience. And, of course, macho men mate more often which gives them superb sexual skills.

hayden panettiere nbc heroes blonde sexyAccording to Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes" and ex-lover of Don Antonio Cebolla, macho men have both the size and the motion. "Don Antonio was an animal, he was fantastic," she says with a dreamy smile. You go Don Antonio! Yeah boy!

The best thing about being a testosterone-laden macho males is that you don't have to get tied down to one female and end up having to take care of all the young—males with less testosterone seem plenty willing to hang around the nest and do the dirty work.

As if you needed another excuse!

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